Dong Nai Technology University attended the 3rd Asian Food Security Association Conference

Dong Nai Technology University attended the 3rd Asian Food Security Association Conference (AFSSA), Which was held on 15-17/09, at KIIT University, Bhubaneswar City, Odisha, India.

KIIT University was founded in 1992, is one of the largest universities in the state of the Odisha and India with about 35000 students, more than 3000 staffs, 20 Campus. The school offers a wide variety of professions in the areas of science, technology, economics, cinema, fashion design, medicine… Serving local and international students from 22 other countries.

The AFSSA program is diverse with cultural exchanges and reports by speakers from many countries around the world (India, Japan, China, Bangladesh, VietNam, etc..) based on the program. The workshop, VietNam has all 8 entries in various content. Particularly, the Dong Nai Technology University has 6 items, including one by Dao Khanh Chau Oral, with the subject “Effects of water retention time and organic loading on the efficienty of aquatic wastewater treatment by soil Anaerobic “

The whole program of the conference takes place in 3 days:

The first day is the registration, attendance, tuition, and visiting the school facilities.

On the second day, the main program of the seminar with the plenary session took place at 9.30 and the Keynote presentation of the world's leading speakers focused on topics of food security, hygiene and safety Food in many countries around the world. The report of Master Dao Khanh Chau took place in the afternoon of the same day. Prior to the presentation of the main content, the author has introduced some features of Dong Nai University of Technology. The topic of Dao Khanh Chau is focused on introducing and researching technology of wastewater processing aquatic products by anaerobic methods are widely applied in the seafood processing enterprises in the industrial zones of the city. Bien Hoa street. From the results of actual research and model operation in the laboratory, the author proposes that this is a sensible technology for the efficient and cost-effective treatment of aquatic wastewater. For developing countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia. The presentation received attention from the workshop and received many questions from speakers from many participating countries and the author responded satisfactorily. At the end of the day is a cultural exchange program with special performances arranged by KIIT students to introduce the country and people of India

The Third Day of the workshop was a normal one, ending at the end of the day with a warmly organized by KIIT University. After three days of work, the workshop was a success and received much attention from the India media. See you two years later at the 4th workshop in Cambodia.

By attending the seminar, the DNTU delegation has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in academic and cultural life in India and many countries; Build friendship with universities, peoples around the world. At the end of the workshop, the delegation fulfilled all objectives set out initially and the countries on Monday morning (19/06/2016).

Some photos of the workshop:



Pham Thi Kim Ngan (International Relations Department)

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