*     Foreign Languages

The English Language Center at DNTU  was established for students and visiting foreigners teachers to help them learn English  as foreign language.

Classes are based upon learners’ needs, ranging from individual tutorial classes, small-group classes of 15 -20  students, and regular classes of 20 or more students.

Currently, we are offering basic & intermediate classes to assist learners in developing their four language skills: speaking, listening, writing, and reading.

*     Program Features

Special Features of Our English Language Courses

1. Selective separation into small classes:
Classes are separated according to skill level into beginner or intermediate. There is also a class for pronunciation. Student numbers are limited to 20 students per class.

2. Emphasis on listening, speaking, reading and writing comprehension:
Classes are designed to improve the 4 language skills: English conversation, listening practice, reading comprehension and writing practice.

3. Incorporating daily and practical Korea and Japanese into curriculum:
The needs of the students are put first. English  teaching materials are pulled from real life experiences and are meant to help with daily living as well as supplement the core curriculum.

4. Fusion of language and culture:
All classes emphasize the importance of cultural understanding in order to help students grasp grammatical and cultural concepts that would otherwise be hard to understand. Students not only learn the language but English culture as well.

5. Usage of multimedia:
Classes such as beginner’s conversation and English tourism use comics, movies and animation as part of their teaching materials.

*     English Courses

  • Course Content

The course consists of 15 hours per week. The purpose of the course is to develop accurate pronunciation and communication skills and for learners to deal with daily situations . Various activities are conducted to enhance learners' listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. In addition to language proficiency training, cultural courses are also offered. Students who join this program not only learn English but can also experience English’s culture. Students can enjoy studying English and have fun learning all about English language

Course Content

Course title

Periods/per week  

  1. Basic and general English


  1. English for Specific Purposes


  1. International Certificates
  • National Certificates



  • Program Features

1. Small classes
2. Professional teachers
3. Many curricular and extra-curricular activities
4. Free English learning guidance after class

  • Instructors

Our teachers are highly experienced and dedicated professionals. Also, our staff members are enthusiastic and willing to assist students.

  • Course Levels

The basic course is suitable for those who have never studied English before. We also offer an intermediate level course to students who have had some previous English language study.
Our courses are arranged according to students’ needs, so learners must take a placement test conducted by The English  Language Center in order to arrange level-appropriate classes.

  • Issuing the Certificate

The FLC  will issue a certificate of study in both Vietnamese and English to students who successfully complete the course requirements and pass their final exams.

  • Remarks
  1. Except for individual tutorial classes, no classes with fewer than 6 students will be offered.
  2. No classes are held on national holidays or on special event dates noted on the university calendar.

For More Information

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