1. Function:

- Training and retraining practice foreign languages ​​and information technology applications in the form of work-study, distance learning, self-study guides;

- The form of learning Language Center - Informatics is diverse, flexible, highly social, convenient services, to contribute to improving people's knowledge, improve their knowledge, skills use of foreign language and computer skills for all classes of people, meet the needs of raising the quality of human resources for the industrialization and modernization of the country.

2. Duties: 

- Investigate the needs of foreign language learning, informatics, information technology and communication in the area, based on which recommendations to upper management agency plans to open training and retraining, meet needs of learners;

- Organization and implementation of educational programs:

·         Level foreign language programs A, B, C;

·         Applied Informatics Program level A, B, C;

·         Continuing education program application information-communications technology;

·         The language training program, other information to meet the needs of learners;

·         Organize training courses to improve their foreign language, computer science, information technology and communication for the center's teachers and other educational establishments in the locality when required;

- Perform other job-related language such as translation, interpretation or related to computer programming, software installation;

- Organization of inspection and certification for the center's students have completed the program as prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training;

- Link with the center, the base language - information other training institutions, fostering, tests and certification of foreign languages, computer science, information and communication technology;

- Research, review, draw experiences on the organization and operation of the centers, in order to improve the quality of training and retraining of foreign languages, computer science, information technology - communication.

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