• Computing courses

The course consists of 6 periods per week. The purpose of the course is to develop  skills and for learners to deal with daily situations  in office.

Course Content

Course title

periods/per week  

A level Computing course

B level Computing course

C level Computing course



The basic course is suitable for those who have never studied Informatics  before. We also offer an intermediate level course to students who have had some previous Informatics language study.
Our courses are arranged according to students’ needs, so learners must take a placement test conducted by the center in order to arrange level-appropriate classes

  • 1. Small classesProgram Features

2. Professional teachers
3. Many curricular and extra-curricular activities

  • Instructors

Our teachers are highly experienced and dedicated professionals. Also, our staff members are enthusiastic and willing to assist students.

  • Issuing the Certificate

The center  will issue a certificate of study in Vietnamese  to students who successfully complete the course requirements and pass their final exams.

  • Remarks
  1. Except for individual tutorial classes, no classes with fewer than 6 students will be offered.
  2. No classes are held on national holidays or on special event dates noted on the university calendar.

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