The functions and missions

a) To be responsible for the university's enrollment;

b) To build annual enrollment’s plan and implement for each intakes;

c) To advise and propose effective plans for enrollment;

d) To be responsible for marketing, introducing the university's image;

e) To be responsible for planning and annual enrollment’s approaches for the training programs of the school, presenting the Rector of the decision; giving periodic survey of the training needs of the society and proposing plans to open more branches, new training methods;

f) To coordinate with the Inspectorate Department of Education and Student’s Management for checking learner’s profiles across the school;

g) To give advice for students on career options about students’ capabilities, aspirations, and skills;

h) To coordinate with functional department to perform the arising works during operation of the school;

i) To implementing and organizing the effective use of funds’ enrollment, settlement according to regulations;

j) To perform other tasks under assigned requests of Chairman of the Board, the Rector.

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