Introduction of the department

Address: Ground Floor, Library and Information Center, Dong Nai Technology University, Nguyen Khuyen street, 5th quarter, Trang Dai Ward, Dist. Bien Hoa, Dong Nai province. Phone: 0616252899 Email:


To counsel the board of management on employment counseling; training, school curriculum associated with the needs of business, government and social organizations

To be the focal point of business relationship activities; organize activities to enhance skills, help students access and integrate with enterprise rapidly.

I. Functions & Missions:

1. Developing and submitting a comprehensive development plan of Departments in line with the development strategy of the School for the Board of Management’s approval.

2. Building collaborative relationships with enterprises, governments, organizations and individuals to serve the business relations activities and support student.

3. Promoting scholarships for students from enterprises, organizations and individuals cooperating with the school; being a unit which counsels and proposes effective plans to organize, manage and effectively use business scholarship fund for the Board of Management

4. Counseling & introducing the school ‘specialized training courses, job opportunities after graduation for those of school enrollment;

5. Establishing and managing the school’s job center effectively

6. Implementing professional- exchange events and training activities to enhance exchanges between the school and enterprises; developing career skills for students;

7. Establishing information system on employment - practice, two-way communication between the school and employing units of capacity to meet the needs

8. Researching the demand for human resources and labor to counsel, introduce for students; helping enterprises to select students who fit job requirements;

9. Establishing and managing the school’s alumni association effectively

10. Organizing and participating in exchanges, seminars, conferences, forums and exchanges with enterprises inside and outside the school.

11. Establishing and managing the club activities to develop job opportunities for students

12. Relating with businesses to create jobs for students; organizing vocational training activities, in charge of organizing the career festival, introducing part-time jobs for students;

13. Coordinating with the professional divisions to plan school activities linked to the companies, enterprises in the training of human resources to meet social needs. Conducting industrial surveys to assess the quality of training, employment and social needs; proposing specific training programs for each training major required by enterprises;

14. Counseling and inviting experts and engineers engaged in the business to teach at the school;

15. Contacting enterprises to implement activities for the staff, faculty, and students to participate in internship at the enterprises.

16. Monitoring activities of officials, faculty and students at the enterprises;

17. Implementing re- training programs for businesses; training programs for labor export;

18. Coordinating with the Inspectorate Department of Education and school management and students, the faculties to survey employment status of the students after graduation;

19. Receiving information, managing and coordinating with functional divisions of the school to organize and carry out activities associated with personnel training, scientific research for the request of the company, businesses and agencies;

20. Fully implementing the archives mode records, documents and transaction data in accordance with the law and regulations of the school and the supporting documents relating to the activities of the Department;

21. Reporting activities of the department regularly and irregularly;

22. Managing and using labor and property efficiently in accordance with current law of the school; other duties as assigned by the Board of Management and the Board of Director.

II. The core value of the Enterprise Relations Department

The core value ​​is the guiding principle for all activities of the enterprise relations. Our team constantly strives to develop in line with the mission and values ​​of the school and the unit: Excellence, Respect and Ownership.


1. Excellence: Enterprises Relations Department sets out the high standards and goals for all its activities. Every member continuously develops to achieve the highest perfection and most efficient in all his work.


2. Respect: All members of the room always put respect for students, business relationships to the forefront in all its activities. The team always promotes the professional communication relationships and a sense of values ​​"serve to lead".


3. Ownership: Self- autonomy, work autonomy and organization autonomy is an important value. All members appreciate themselves as well as the prestige, the image of DNTU in all activities of the organization.

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  • Introduction of the department