Academic Affairs

DNTU has constructed an advanced and academic training program based on the framework program of the Ministry of Education and Training. The training program of the Ho Chi Minh University of Science and Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education and Ho Chi Minh City University of Information Technology and others were also consulted and selected for reference purposes.

The program was specifically developed based on the research on human resource needs in Dong Nai and other surrounding areas through conferences and workshops.

The quality of the academic staff as well as the infrastructure has been taken into consideration in order to enhance the quality of the whole training program.


The school provides two levels of training:

- College: The training time is 3 years. Students who have college bachelor degrees can continue to study transition program to get university degree in 1.5 years.

- University: The training time is 4 years. Students whose majors are Technologies can get engineering degrees and for those who belong to Economics can get Bachelor degrees.

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  • Academic Affairs